Monday, January 24, 2005

he hikoi ki Whanganui-a-Tara

Just had a week in Wellington with my family, since my brother was getting married.
On a beach, which was lovely - and went more smoothly than expected.

Auckland's such a wretched hole of a city, any time away just cheers me right up. Particularly in Wellington; maybe a part of it is mana whenua (Te Ati Awa reprazent), since all branches of my ancestry have passed through that place at one time or another. Maybe it's because it's still deserving of its reputation as the country's cultural capital. Sure, you can get a good coffee in most places around the motu now, but I still love that place so much.
If I hadn't scored a job I like here in Auckland, I'd probably be living there right now - and there are so many more libraries to choose from, I doubt I'd be without work.

E hika, it's just nice to have yet more time off. A week in Wellington with very little to do apart from what was needed for the service - in other words, finally a chance to do some serious shopping. Since I'd worn holes in the soles of my shoes.

Heoi ano, home again now, on this concreted, car-infested isthmus. At least the weather's beautiful for a change, a late summer for us perhaps, after so much rain.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

he timatanga hou ano

heoi ano, I've started a new weblog with blogger.

How nice.

I did have a livejournal, but I decided to let it die the death it deserved. I hadn't posted in it since August, and besides - it was boring as hell.

This, I fear, is a common feature of 'blogs in general. Simply because any monkey can set one up, doesn't mean he/she should, nor that that person has anything worth sharing with the world.

Myself included.