Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Lazy, lazy

give me your answer do!

As predicted, I haven't been writing in this 'blog at all for months and months. No surprises there - I've been too busy being me to write about being me.

That's okay, though, since nobody's been reading it either.

My ex- told me she was very disappointed at the lack of anything incriminating/exciting/even vaguely interesting on here. Again, why would I write secret, private things in a space as public even as this? There are plenty of anonymous sites for such confessions, not that I have any.


So, what's new... still working away, day to day. I did have a brief trip to Kawhia, ki te tumu o Tainui, ki he wahi o oku tupuna; now that was great! Still sad to be back on this concrete wasteland.

Dramas, dramas... looking for a place to live would be the only one right now. Whoopee.

I guess I sound a little down, but it's probably just the rain. Filthy weather this week, as we come quickly into winter.

More fun to follow.


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