Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Don't somebody want to be wanted

E hika ma! why, it's nearly August already. Gets one to thinking, what have I or should I have achieved in 2005? This year of the Cock was supposed to be good to me.
Yet, I feel only... bored.

Still. Keeping one's head above the waves. I did find a new place to live, and it's working out well. Closer to town, more secure - and bigger. The cats seem to like it too, even though I find myself cleaning up little 'accidents' on an alarmingly regular basis.

Otherwise I guess I'm still on 'cruise' at the moment.

"Sometimes days - seem to move just like a big fat man;
sometimes days - seem to end up where they first began..."

oh! and last week I walked by my old street. Where there used to be a nice old block of flats, there's now a big fuck-off pile of rubble. They didn't even strip the place before bulldozing it. Perversely, my letterbox was still standing forlornly amid the ruins, peeping out from the chainlink fence.
I didn't think I was that attached to the place (it was only eighteen months, after all), but it was a strange feeling. No sir, I didn't like it.