Wednesday, May 17, 2006

So much for silence

Hmm.. well, it's not quite a year since I've posted anything here. I see the only comments have been left by spambots, nice! Hell, I couldn't even remember how to log into this thing - at first.
A few weeks I decided that I shouldn't worry about this log, since I'm unlikely to have anything particularly important to say. Rather, I'll post the odd little inconsequential thought from time to time.. (I think) I'm more interesting in a dialogue, than just rambling on.

For example: I happened to switch over to Fox News the other night, flipping channels in the wee hours. Usually I avoid it, but I saw something then that told me a lot about that particular channel of hate.
Apparently Mark Fuhrman's putting out a book about the JFK assassination! and he was on this show to plug said book. The blow-dried anchors introduced him as a "former LAPD officer.. you may remember something about that"!? Yeah, I fucking remember. That former officer who beat that unarmed man, on camera. Then there's the riots.
But no, they just breezily wafted over that painful history, and let him plug his assinine, conservative little book. Fuck me.

What the hell, time for another drink.


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